About Us

The Band

Jody Anderson- Vocals, Guitar

Mike (Ugh) Krall- Guitar, Vocals

D.J. Hill- Bass

Giles Ryan- Drums/Percussion


End November was formed in 2010 by singer Jody Anderson and his long time friend Shawn Ritchie, formerly in the band 4Sought. The two wrote the first three songs that would later become the beginnings of End November. They progressed for nearly two years, writing and playing shows, when suddenly things seemed to break apart. The band eventually went forward as a three piece with Jody Anderson, D.J. Hill on Bass, and Zach Kerr on drums, and recorded their debut E.P. "What Happened To You." But after a few months, Zach took to another route as well. The band went on hiatus.

  Months went by, when finally, Giles Ryan came into picture.The band clicked once again, and started writing again. Then another came aboard. Ugh (Mike Krall) was the final piece of the puzzle. Anderson and Krall developed a chemistry between them, and the lineup was set in stone. End November continues playing and writing, and have written over 15 songs. They are currently in the process of recording their full length album.